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Our group is constantly seeking applications of highly motivated coworkers at all levels (BSc., MSc. students, PhD students, Postdocs). We are an international group and enjoy to do science as a team. People who join us will work together with experienced colleagues. Our approaches range from biochemistry to genetics, cell biology and biophysics. We profit from international and national collaborations, and from the excellent imaging and mass spectrometry facilities of the SFB944 and Center of Cellular Nanoanalytics Osnabrück (CellNanOs). Our main model organism is yeast, an excellent model system to dissect basic processes in cell biology (see home), and started work in metazoan cells (Drosophila, human cells).

Bachelor and Master students

Bachelor theses take three months of lab work, plus one to write the thesis. You will get your basic introduction to scientific research and work on your project alongside with a PhD student or one of our excellent technicians. Your thesis will be closely supervised.

Master students will be in the lab for five months, plus one month of writing time. We prefer that you have conducted a 6-8 week practical (“Grosspraktikum”) with us beforehand to be familiar with all techniques. You will be supervised by a PhD student or postdoc. Several Master students have continued with their PhD thesis in our group.

Further information on thesis organization and writing:



You can apply anytime, as we might have openings that are not advertised. Please apply with a detailed motivation letter, why you like to join us, and an informative CV (including grades). You should have experience in molecular, biochemical, or cell biological techniques. We look forward to your application, international applicants are very welcome.


Your postdoctoral work allows you to conduct the research that began to excite you during your PhD, in a motivated team (like us), an environment with lots of drive and potential (like our Biology Department), and a pleasant city of the Northwest of Germany (like Osnabrück). Your time as a postdoc is when you can profit from your training and explore new topics. When you apply, clearly indicate your motivation, and previous training, include your CV with names of three references - and approach us early (some 6-9 months prior to your anticipated starting date). You will need to write a proposal to fund your position, as the lab will likely only be able to provide bridging funds. EMBO, HFSP, Marie-Curie and others offer fellowships (see below). Of course, you will receive support to write your proposal in a competitive manner.

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